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  • Friday, Oct. 31


    Electric Sandbox is Parliament w/ The Hornitz at The Hot Spot


    The Mothership Connection is about to land! Electric Sandbox has thrown down EPIC Halloween sets the past two years at The Hot Spot…our first year was Rush…noone will ever be able to forget the Black Sabbath insanity last year…and it’s going to be over the top this year as Electric Sandbox becomes one of the most powerful musical institutions in American music history…PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC. Featuring many regional guests performing in musical costume, this is going to be funkier than anything DuPont ever dumped into the South River. To sweeten the pot even further, we’ve invited The Hornitz to come down from Boston to fill in as the horn section…having played many shows with George “Doctor Funkenstein” Clinton himself, we thought it would be fitting.

    Open at 5 for HAPPY HOUR – Music starts at 9

    The Hornitz 9-10
    Electric Sandbox 10:30-12:30
    Costume contest!



  • Saturday, Nov. 1


    Yeah this show has been waiting for awhile…The Mantras have been touring heavily since the last time we saw them here in Waynesboro and they have blown up! They’ve taken Aqueous on for their fall tour and we couldn’t be more excited, because we love Aqueous. Oh wait, maybe we could be more excited because our pals The Hornitz are here for Halloween and are going to stick around and party with us for this big ol’ Saturday night at The Hot Spot!

    Open at 5 for HAPPY HOUR – Music starts at 9

    Aqueous 9pm
    The Mantras 11pm
    The Hornitz will be sprinkled throughout :)






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